Tuesday 3 May 2011

At the end of the day

Believe it or not, these views were photographed from virtually the same spot (just below Rock Hall Cottage in The Roaches) within a couple of minutes of each other; just looking in different directions!

and closer.

And, turning slightly towards the west.

A lovely end to the day!


  1. I love sunset pictures like that; it's sometimes surprising what different light levels there are at that time of day.

  2. I believe you ! these pictures are just beautiful !!

  3. Incredible! Your captures are truly beautiful and without our knowing they were taken at the same time and place, I'd never have thought it possible :)

  4. they are beautiful pictures . you have a really artitic eye

  5. You have a very good eye H in spite of artitis! I love this new word Tracy!
    I'm not sure how you managed a horizontal rainbow, H, but it is sure pretty!