Monday 23 May 2011

The Bluebell

Just over a week ago, courtesy of my aunt winning a competition, we came here; The Bluebell at Tissington. (Though, actually, at Tissington is a slight misnomer. 'On the main road a short distance from Tissington' would be more accurate.)

I hadn't been to this particular pub for ages. In fact, I think the last time I had been here was for my cousin's wedding reception and that is going back a long time!

I've driven past it many many times though; travelling between Derby and Buxton, Derby and Manchester... It's a lovely building; limestone and solid and so nicely proportioned.

It has a small seating area round the side and a larger beer garden, complete with smoker's gazebo.

Inside, the surroundings were very pleasant and the service was good. The food, however, was a bit ordinary, which was disappointing for the price. There wasn't anything wrong with it. It just wasn't really anything special. However, as we weren't paying...

It made an interesting change.


  1. Ah. there are few things that beat a good honest pub. And thanks for featuring that inn sign - it is pleasantly different to the usual sort.

  2. Lovely pub! Just as in my dreams...

  3. With all of those outdoor chairs and tables, the place must throb with visitors, in season. Glad you and your aunt got to experience it 'on the house' especially since you felt the meal was overpriced. No one likes to feel they've been given a bad deal and, you're now unlikely to stop there again having been 'almost' bitten once ;)

    Super pics, though :)

  4. It looks a lovely place and I do like that pub sign:)

  5. The building looks like it grew right out of the ground. It may not have been anything special, but it sure looks interesting to me!

  6. Nice use of milk churns. I too love the sign, especially appropriate to the time of year. We'll let you off for a couple of typos. What beer do they serve?