Sunday 8 May 2011

Straying back over the border

Of course, the 'border' in question, is the one between Derbyshire and Yorkshire. On this occasion, I didn't stray over it quite so far only wandering as far as here - Langsett Reservoir (which, roughly speaking, is between Sheffield and Huddersfield).

In the middle of all of our sunny weather, Sacristan and I managed to pick the one grey day to meet up for a walk. True, it did make the uphill a little less strenuous, but it didn't do much for the brightness of the photos or the distance of the views.

It was my first visit to Langsett. The reservoir is fed by the Little Don River and is about a mile long (though roughly triangular in shape). It is used to supply water for Sheffield and Barnsley. 

As you can undoubtedly tell from the nature of the landscape, we are in upland territory here; straying into the Pennines!

The reservoir was constructed between 1898 and 1904. It holds 1,408 million gallons and is 97' down at its deepest point. At present, there is a significant amount of coniferous forest around the water side, but Yorkshire Water and the Forestry Commission are working together to fell the conifers and replace them with natural broad leaf species.

There is a turret shapes structure on the dam wall. It's one of those water monitoring places, all locked up and inaccessible, but above the door was this inscription. Between us, we managed a rough translation.

How's your Latin?


  1. Again a very beautiful sightseeing !

  2. Translation... ???

    ... I was, as is so often the case, making it up as I went along =D

    It was, as you say and these photos suggest, overcast for much of the day but the odd, albeit fleeting, burst of sunshine did grace us with their presence.
    and anyway ... I enjoyed it =D

  3. Using the internet, the first line means "Dedicated to God and for public use."
    Someone else can have a go at the next line!

  4. OK the next line says " This work was dedicated " and then come the dates of start and finish. You know Roman Numerals, O K ?

  5. Michael, That's what we worked it out as too :)