Sunday 15 May 2011

A brief diversion

Yesterday, when Blogger had stopped playing silly bs, I came across a blog with a game which I thought might be a bit of mindless fun.

The game goes like this: (I've Anglicised it slightly)
  • Pick a starting blog
  • Click 'Next blog' on the navbar
  • Do this seven times and write down the blog names you find
  • Use the seven blog names to answer these seven headings (you can mix up the order)
1. What was the nickname of your first crush?
2. What phrase do you say when you're happy?
3. What is your theme song?
4. What did your teacher write on your report?
5. What was your nickname when you were a child?
6. What do you do when you're in a bad mood?
7. What is your life motto?

First, let me tell you that there are some weird blog names out there and second, that you are allowed to cheat and skip a blog if it really doesn't fit anything at all. (I skipped about 4 blogs and had to restart once because I launched straight into a whole string of blogs written in Portuguese!)

If you have a go, please do post any funny answers. My answers were:

Name of 1st crush - Wellington
Phrase when I'm happy - Nga Tama a Parorangi (Haven't a clue. I think it's Maori. Nga Tama seems to be to do with something being right or correct and there is a place near Wellington called Parorangi. Beyond that...)
Theme song - Potatoes in the Mist
On my school report - Return to sender (LOL)
Nickname as a child - Our Little Ladybug (PUKE)
What I do when I'm in a bad mood - Move to New Zealand
Life motto - Boxes of books

Oh come on! I didn't say anything about it being deep, meaningful, educational or intellectually stimulating. I believe the adjective I selected was 'mindless'. It's just a bit of fun!

And this post looks very weird without any photos!


  1. I think that sounds fun. I might have to give it a go!

  2. I shudder to think what Nga Tama a Parorangi means!.....but I'm sure that if you say it with feeling it will sound great!

  3. Being away, it seems like I missed a lot of Blogger 'fun'. This new game, on the other hand, sounds like better fun.

  4. I like your answers. I, too had to skip some blogs. there are a lot of family blogs- I get those constantly. I like the "move to new zealand" and "return to sender". lots of fun names here.

    thanks for your visit to my blog and for playing the game.

    have a sweet day!