Wednesday, 4 May 2011

"Look what I found in my loft last week!"

My aunt lifted this down from her loft last week. I was wondering if you can identify what it is.

At first glance, it seems grey and just a tad dull, but when you look closely, aren't those shades incredible? The colours are subtle, but they cover a surprising range!

And I love the swirls and turns; overlapping and curling.

The construction was incredibly delicate and intricate, while the whole thing was as light as a feather.

The photo below gives an indication of its size.

Difficult to believe that something so beautiful could have been made by a stripy, flying insect with a vicious little sting!


  1. I've seen one before - incredible structures, aren't they? I wonder if they'll be back looking for it?

  2. Paper wasps can really build some big houses can't they.
    Good thing no one was home!

  3. It looks like a wasps nest to me. It's saliva and wood chewed up together and then spit out. You are right... the nest is very pretty. But I do not like the critters themselves, because they always divebomb my head. Which sends me running for cover. I like the little honeybees so much better!

  4. I had absolutely no idea what I was viewing! I kept saying to myself, "Come on, then H...tell us what it is!" I'd never have guessed a wasps nest!