Saturday 26 March 2011

The ABCs of H

I have just read Pondside's contribution to this fun ABC meme. After I had read it, I pulled my just-published post for today and decided to join in with this instead. Black Rocks will wait until tomorrow :)

An A-Z about H

A: Age - As my Dad says, I'm 'As old as my tongue and a little bit older than my teeth".

B: Bed size - Double. Even when I'm camping, I prefer a double airbed.

C: Chore I hate - Ironing. There always seems to be some to do!

D: Dogs - not any more because my work commitments wouldn't be fair on a dog. On the days I work, I'm out of the house for around 10 hours. When I was young, we had a Jack Russell. If I were to choose a dog now, I would look for some sort of border collie sheep dog, but I would search in places like RSPCA centres and animal welfare homes.

E: Essential start to your day - a cup of fresh ground coffee and a bit of time to think

F: Favourite colour - This is hard because it depends on my mood. It has to be somewhere in the blue/green/purple range. A strong colour; not too dark, but rich!

G: Gold or silver - Silver every time (unless it's a medal, in which case...)

H: Height - about 5' 4", and now officially the shortest in my household.

I: Instruments that you can play - Guitar and flute

J: Job title -  School teacher; which means that everyone automatically thinks they know exactly what I do.

K: Kids - Two sons, great lads, both taller than me :)

L: Live - Derby UK

M: Mum's name - Sheila

N: Nicknames - H :)

O: Overnight hospital stays - Childbirth by Cesarean section (twice)

P: Pet peeve - Able bodied drivers who park in disabled spaces. Grrrrrr! Don't get me started! x-(

Q: Quote from a movie - 'If you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth'. Gandhi

R: Righty or lefty - Right, but my mum was left

S: Sibling - Nada

T: Time you wake up - This really does depend on the day. On work days, the alarm is set for 06.10, on college days 06.45, weekends...

U: Underwear - oh yes!

V: Vegetables you dislike - celery. The smell is enough to turn my stomach! Apart from that, I like all vegetables.

W: What makes you run late? - not much because I hate to be late. Of course it's a lot easier to be on time when you are travelling solo than when accompanied!

X: X-rays - many years ago, I was burgled. When I discovered that they had taken a silver bracelet which was a present from my parents, I kicked the wall in fury. I was wearing trainer boots and I believe that, sub-consciously, I didn't think it would hurt. Ooops! No breaks, but a very interesting range of colours!

Y: Yummy food you make - parsnip soup, Mars bar cake

Z: Zoo favourite animal - I prefer wild animal parks. I love British wildlife like pole cats and pine martens, but I do also love meerkats!


  1. We now know what not to send you for Christmas! No golden new iron for example, wrapped in cellary leaves

  2. Don't worry, celery will be banished if you ever come here for dinner.....and at 5'4 you are positively willowy compared to Yours Truly! This was fun to read - I had pictured you as my height....and meerkat???

  3. This was fun! Look how much we got to learn about you! Bet you'll never kick a wall again :)

  4. So now we know you. Interesting. Good gracious, is there a 6.10 in the morning as well as the evening!