Wednesday 2 March 2011

Derby - Riverlights

Leaving St Peter's Churchyard and nipping down to the other end of East Street, we can see some of the newest developments in the city; so new, in fact, that bits of this are still under construction. This is part of the controversial Riverlights scheme - 'Controversial' because the building of this complex necessitated the demolition of Derby's art deco bus station; a brick built wind tunnel which was highly prized in certain quarters and elicited a lot of strong feeling.

The bus station as it once was!
(Photo credit here)

One protester even took up residence on the flat roof in a caravan! (Don't ask me how she got it up there!).

The idea of the Riverlights scheme was to make much better use of the river Derwent, which meanders round the edge of the city centre. Apart from the long existing River Gardens, it was felt that the Derwent was a neglected asset which should be better utilised. This end of the utilisation consists of hotels, with spaces for a casino and bars. At the other end of this complex is a brand new bus station, to which I confess I have not yet been, as I tend to use the bus from the other end of town. (The new bus station is something else on the list requiring a photograph!).

The new bus station is now approaching its first anniversary, but the hotels are still in the 'fitting out' stage of their development.

What do you think? Do you like the modern glass designs? Would you want to stay in a room here?
What do you think of our old bus station?


  1. You like to ask tough questions, don't you? It's not easy for me to pass comment, as I'm not 'attached' to Derby and its incredible history. In some instances, the old making way for the new is a great improvement and at other times, new might be unsightly. In this particular instance, I'm sitting on the fence :)

  2. Like Desiree, I'm on the fence here. I don't think the old bus station was very attractive but the new building is just another big hunk of glass and steel. We have too much of that sort of architecture over here. I wouldn't choose to stay or dine in that building.

  3. I wasn't a fan of the old Bus Station, though I generally like Art Deco buildings, but this is worse, much worse. Did the Architect win an award for this rubbish by any chance? They usually do and then the award-winning building has to come down a few years later. Let's hope so! I wouldn't want to stay, or dine, in this place. I like Derby and think that, generally, it is being re-developed very well. Anyone who hasn't visited, it's worth going.

  4. I forgot to say that I am enjoying your 'Derby' posts very much. Hope you keep on doing them for a while. Thank you.

  5. Hi Volie2, Thank you very much for your comments. There are a few more 'Derby' posts in store before I, once again, go astray. I see you are new on Blogger. Welcome! Do you have a blog?

  6. We love the old bus station. We love the new concrete metal and glass too. Too bad it has to go, to make room for the new football stadium..??.....great blog as usual. Thanks.

  7. Not yet, but I hope to find the time to do one eventually. Thanks for asking.

  8. That roundabout is so charming. My kids had a Fisher Price street with something similar so that made me smile.

    I actually like the top building.

  9. The new building looks very angular - those points on the building roof look quite hazardous. Not sure if I like it or not! I remember the old bus station and its shape is more appealing but I do remember - and this is ages ago - it feeling very unsafe and quite dirty. I also remember going into the 'Ladies' which wasn't pleasant - someone was stood in there eating chips!!!