Saturday 12 March 2011

Ben's first lead

Ben's been climbing for a couple of years now, but mostly indoors. Outdoor trad climbing is new territory and, whilst at Stanage, he completed his first 'lead' climb. Climbing is a potentially dangerous sport and the physical skill required is equally matched by the need for a mental attitude which is able to take calculated risks. This is especially true for the lead climber who has the responsibility of finding the placements for the protection which could be needed to arrest a fall and prevent serious injury.

The name of the route is Hollybush Crack.

Success :)


  1. You're braver than I, to be able to watch your precious child climb that!

  2. Brilliant shots H

    and Well done to Ben (and Mark) ...
    Looks like you were having great "fun"*


    * just that some folk have a very peculiar idea of what is "fun"

  3. Congratulations to Ben! You have done a tremendous job capturing their climb with this marvellous set of photographs, H! WOW!!!

  4. I'm so glad too that our kids didn't get into dangerous sports like rock climbing. They only played ice hockey and motocross motorbike racing.....
    Excellent pictures, so happy you didn't have to document your precious child falling to his death...yet....