Monday 21 March 2011

Recreation on the Reservoir

Whenever a new reservoir is constructed, provision is made for those who wish to use it for recreation. Foremark attracts people for a variety of reasons. When the boys were smaller, we used to come here to walk one of the short trails followed by them enjoying a session on the playground.

Other people come here for the angling...

...or for the sailing.

The building behind the yachts is the base of the Burton Sailing Club.


  1. Is that Burton as in Burton-On-Trent? If so, the water could be put to far netter use by being turned into beer.

  2. The attraction of water never loses its appeal! No, Alan...I would not be happy if it all turned into beer!!!

  3. What a nice way to pass the day

  4. Very interesting. I think that recreation is allowed on some reservoirs, but not here on the island. It is fenced and people aren't allowed withing a certain distance of it.

  5. You have some nice shots there! We are allowed all kinds of boats on our lake. No motoring on Foremark I should think. How about illegal swimming?

  6. Maybe it should be renamed the "For Mark" reservoir?

    Mark: I really hope you make a quick recovery, but don't be tempted to rush things just 'cos on one particular day you "feel fine" ...