Wednesday 23 March 2011


It has been positively spring-like here over the past week or so. The sun has made an appearance and it is starting to feel warm. I'm even managing to get washing completely dry on my clothes line; as opposed to just a bit less damp.

The garden is also responding to the change in temperature, with the flowers and blossom basking in the warmth, while the brambles are growing like wildfire. In fact, thinking about it, wildfire is probably what it would take to deal with the brambles effectively. Yesterday, I spent about half an hour battling with an unwanted bramble. In the end of course, I won, but not before it had inflicted the usual damage. I estimate that I must have chopped about 30 metres of the stuff into little pieces to make it fit into my now bulging garden waste bin!

But away from the brambles and onto the flowers, where the theme seems to be predominantly yellow and blue.

Primroses on the edge of the patio.

Daffs near the pond.

These pretty purply blue things near the fence. (Name please anyone???)

Miniature daffs overlooking the tag end of the snowflakes.

And this hyacinth smells so beautiful!

I just need another few days of uninterrupted work time to make it look even vaguely loved! I do love my garden, but I'm not what you would really class as an educated, dedicated gardener! It grows so much faster than I can keep up with!


  1. Oh, how pretty! Your plants and flowers look so healthy, H, so whatever it is you are/aren't doing, it's working for them! I'd love to see some pictures of your pond and the rest of your garden, too, sometime? This was a real treat!

    The little blue daisy-like flower looks to me to be a species of aster. We have an indigenous blue daisy, similar, but with very different leaves, called Felicia, but I can see your plant is not one of those. Hopefully, one of the fundi's out there will identify it correctly for you.

    Just as you're basking in the glorious arrival of spring, so we are feeling the full force of autumnal winds today and there's a distinct chill in the air!

    How is Mark? Hopefully feeling a lot better than he was!

  2. We noticed some of the pretty purple flowers in the garden this morning. No idea what they are though.

  3. Nice post. Great photos as usual. So good, it is easy to recognize your blue flowers as Blanda Blue Anemones. At least I think so but I'm not an expert. Meanwhile here in the wild Okanagan, Spring is here with the appearance of our very first wild flower, the Sagebrush Buttercup ( Ranunculus glaberrimus) all over the South facing hillsides.

  4. Yes, I think those blue ones are some kind of anemone blanda - so pretty. I love spring.

  5. Just had to pop back to find out if anyone had identified your plant for you! Well done, Michael, Hanne & Jenny!!! I'm going to find out if this plant is available here. It's so pretty & blue flowers are always irresistible to me!