Thursday 31 March 2011

Scavenger Hunt for March


I actually managed to find everything for the March Scavenger Hunt as set by Kathy of Postcards from the PP

I'm not posting the photos on Flickr though. They will just remain here.

First of all, a lion - and not just any lion; the lion on the Royal Coat of Arms! In this instance, it is keeping a watchful eye over the entrance to the Crown Court in Derby.

Number two is a rainbow, seen in the spray of the fountain in the lake in Vicki Park in the London Borough of Hackney.

Number three shows something green and is in Wales. Dolgoch is one of the steam engines hauling the trains on the Tal y Llyn railway, which runs between Tywyn and Nant Gwernol; a Great Little Train of Wales! In fact, the Tal y Llyn was the first railway to be saved by a Preservation Society and opened to the public. Run almost entirely by volunteers, it is a good day out! Why not take a ride, disembark at Dolgoch station (after which the engine was named) and walk up to admire the falls?

Number four takes us to Yorkshire and the RHS gardens at Harlow Carr, where we find our empty chair. If I remember rightly, it is from the Edwardian garden. (Sacristan may correct me if I am wrong.)

For number five I have a brace of bracelets, which fulfills two criteria. The larger silver bracelet belonged to my mum. I saw her wear it on many a special occasion and will always picture it on her wrist. It definitely has sentimental value!

The smaller bracelet was bought for me when I was a baby. It is as old as I am.

Out into my back garden for photo number six (item number seven), which is the peeling paint. This old bench is waiting for me to have the time and inclination to dismantle it! If ever I sit on it, I do so very gingerly. The wood is not so strong as it once was :)

Continuing through the list, we have a collection of medals...

...and a ring; part of the latching mechanism on the gate above Errwood Reservoir, on the way up to Shining Tor. Here, you are only just within the boundary of Derbyshire. Beware! Stray too far and you could have an encounter with the Cheshire Cat!

Almost there!

The fancy gate (which also happens to feature two lions - just as a second dose) is in the grounds of Forbidden Corner, in Coverdale; Yorkshire. I would say more, but it's Forbidden!

The shadow is of Mark and I on top of Black Rocks last week. It's probably the nearest you will ever get to seeing a photo of me on here!!! (By the way - He's not quite THAT much taller than me. I was standing slightly further back! - And to prove it, you can see the end of his shoe near the bottom of the photo.)

And finally... two lambs! All together... Ahhhhhh!

This has been fun, even if not altogether easy! I was still scratting around for those elusive final photos last weekend.


  1. Great photos! I think the rainbow and the peeling paint were the most elusive for me. That fountain is splendid and I love the green train. the lambs are so sweet:)

  2. Goodness that is some hunt. I would hate to be a fox with you after me.

  3. You have done a marvellous job! Your carefully sought out subjects are all quite lovely. I'll bet no one else comes even close to you for originality. I'm going to scroll through them all once more before I leave.

    I notice you fastidiously hid any engraving on your baby bracelet, lest we figure out your age and I think it's mean of you to only ever show us your shadow and pretend you're a hamster!

    I wouldn't dream of painting that bench! It has so much appeal just as it is.

    Really enjoyed this post, thank you, H!

  4. Good Fun! Thanks! Where are you leaving for Des? Never mind at least we know H is 5'4"; now we know she has a shadow too! Getting closer!! We even know which pub she went to last week-end!

  5. I enjoyed looking at all your photos, H! They are very artistic. I loved the bracelets..both beautiful keepsakes. I also loved the peeling paint photo's perspective.
    My grandson would love the train! He is a big Thomas the train fan and this one looks like one of the engines ;)

  6. These are fabulouse photos for this challenge. I especially love the train in Wales. I'm looking forward to the April challenge already.
    Anne xx

  7. Thanks for your comment. I have really enjoyed your photos! Errwood Reservoir close to my bit of the world and I love Black Rocks!

    I will add you to my scavengers list. Looking forward to next month now :)


  8. Great pictures! Thanks so much for posting!

  9. Superb photos - that one picture covered three on the list - something sentimental, something as old as you and a ring !
    Wonderful Lion & gate but it's the peeling bench and ring which I love.

  10. I love that fancy gate - very fancy indeed! And well done for spotting that rainbow.