Monday 14 March 2011

Second up Flying Buttress

Ben seconding up Flying Buttress, Stanage Edge.

(Just to warn that this video is about 5 minutes long.)


  1. Still think they should put a chair lift in.

  2. It almost makes me wish I were young enough and brave enough to try, as I'm sure it must be a lot of fun and fill one with a great sense of satisfaction and achievement each time a challenging new climb is conquered ;)

    Are you sure there aren't any mountain goats in your genes, H??? Your sons look as though they were born to do this :)

  3. Thanks H for visiting our new blog. Today I managed to make some photos go with the text....
    Scary stuff on the video, no nostalgia here!

  4. Nope - that doesn't make me wish to join them. I get a queasy feeling just watching - as much as I admire the sense of adventure! So funny to see the long legs go up and over at the end - I thought we might hear a cheer!