Tuesday 1 March 2011

Derby - Looking up!

Running along the side of St Peter's church is the appropriately named St Peter's Churchyard. Around this area, the upper storeys of the buildings are infinitely more interesting than the shop fronts below.

I am discovering (and writing) a rapidly growing list of places to photograph and research around Derby, but this is a whistle stop tour, so for now, I am just going to list the ones we can see on the photographs.

The furthest (and newest) building was once home to the combined County Court and Inland Revenue offices.

Next door, Thurman and Malin was a drapers, hosiers and undertakers (an interesting combination). The firm was founded in 1879 and closed in 1970. The building itself was constructed around 1900.

The black and white fronted building is only slightly older; dating from 1894. (Don't be fooled by the mock timber frame on the second floor.)

Whilst the oldest of the lot is the corner building, with its four storey conical tower. It was built in 1880.

If this street were designed today, I suspect that there would be an over-arching plan; a degree of conformity with all of the buildings constructed to blend together in harmony. Personally, I think that this mismatch of styles and architectural features harmonise perfectly well and I love the way that each architect felt free to stamp his own idea onto the churchyard, rubbing shoulders comfortably with what had gone before.

I know that, before I began blogging, I never really looked carefully at my city. As a result, I have missed many treasures over the years.



  1. I, too, love the 'mismatched' buildings! They lend so much character and interest to the scene! This is great fun, being shown around your city, as we're probably being given a far more intensive/detailed tour than any on offer to tourists simply passing through.

    I'd love to peek inside the top storey of the conical tower. The views from up there must be really lovely and I'd enjoy seeing the interior layout.

  2. Wonderful Street. Yes I find the same having a camera to see the city with makes you much more observant

  3. Hello, H!

    Thank you SO much for the links you left on my blog - I've just returned from two wonderful outings (I left a comment on each post)- you made my day :) I truly feel as though I was teleported into another realm and time, entirely! It's all so very far removed from my own world and holds such mystique.

    I hope you're having a relaxing and not too chilly evening!!! We are beginning to note signs of Autumn creeping slowly towards us, which means Spring is on its way in your part of the world.

    BTW are you of Welsh descent???

  4. Hi long time no comment life been hard here .
    I remember your drooling over my bannoffee pie first time I had made it. It was much nicer than these ones . But I will modify and improve these ones.

  5. That corner building has such a wonderful solidity to it. I agree about the wonder of looking up : but watch out for lamp-posts.

  6. ...and I think I should say 'Happy St David's Day to You"....or something like that!

  7. I love the architecture of the entire street. The more homogenous buildings become, the less character a city has.

    There's something about a corner building made out of bricks and mortar that brings a smile to my face every single time.