Tuesday 8 March 2011

Stanage Edge

I'm taking a break from Derby posts for a little while. (In case you were wondering, that's blog-speak for "I've run out of photos"!)

Instead, I've got a few photos to share with you from an unexpected journey I made during our half term holiday (a couple of weeks ago). Twice!

The Peak District has two distinct regions; the southerly White Peak, which is limestone based and the northern Dark Peak, which has a gritstone base. Where the two meet, there is a series of edges, the longest of which is this one; Stanage Edge.

Mostly, the Edge is in Derbyshire, but its northern side forms the border with Yorkshire; Sheffield being only just over the hill. The highest point is High Neb, which stands 1,503' above sea level and each year, there is a race up to it from the nearby village of Hathersage.
Dating back as far as the Romans. there has been a packhorse route along the top of Stanage Edge, giving access for people and goods between Hope and Sheffield. These days it is popular with walkers, either as part of a longer distance hike or as an afternoon stroll requiring very little climbing, but giving that upland sense of freedom.

The views are fantastic; big open spaces.


  1. You had my attention immediately...with the wonderful, mossy rock formation in the first image! What a super place to visit. It must be even more spectacular during Spring & Summer, when everything is green! The views are glorious, seemingly going on forever and ever. Such a contrast from the densely packed cityscapes! A marvellous place to be truly at peace and at one with Nature.

  2. Wonderful photos - I can feel the fresh air just looking at them:)

  3. Oh I remember once walking over Stanage Edge in the middle of winter many years ago giving thanks for my hip flask.

  4. Maybe we should get two hip-flasks; one each. What do you put in them? Coffee?
    Lovely photos from my old moors where I used to wander, mostly on my bicycle, never climbed up there...beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and in the photos!

  5. I snorted at that first sentence. Clever.

    This looks like a great place for a stroll. I love the rocky path. I'll bet it's gorgeous when winter is finally over.