Monday 28 March 2011

Happy birthday

Today it is someones birthday; someone who has not been blogging for very long, but has wowed us all with her posts of the beauties of South Africa. So, today, I want to join with many of her friends and followers to say...

Happy Birthday Desiree! :)

(Normal service will be resumed tomorrow  )


  1. Thanks for pointing me in that direction - I had a lovely helicopter ride.

  2. Dear H!

    I have been completely overwhelmed by the incredible way in which everyone has pulled together, apparently at Carol's instigation (@Facing 50 With Humour) and spurred on by Karen (@Out of my Mind)...I had no inkling all of you were up to something and, from the moment I received an email from Carol this morning alerting me to everything that has happened today, it has been phenomenal! I am truly touched by all of the love, kindness and generosity of spirit that has flowed to me, in abundance, today! THANK YOU so much, H, for your part in all of this and for devoting today's post to me!!! I have no idea why I deserve this, but I have to admit it feels incredible!

    I hope Mark is feeling heaps better by now?


    Des xoxo

  3. Hi H Just dropped by to say thanks for helping surprise Desiree. Hope your day has been sunny and bright. I shall come back tomorrow to see what delights you have posted. :)

  4. I'm visiting the people who have decided to make a birthday surprise for Desiree. I have to say I love your photos! You have a great artistic touch.